What does the Teezzee Noboard stand for?

Maximum fun factor on the toboggan hill

The board is specifically suitable for toboggan hills and easy ski slopes, where it offers a high level of fun and a unique driving experience... surfing feeling! Much more fun than traditional sleds and toboggans.

Innovative Noboard/"No Bindings" design

Effortless cornering without binding with normal winter boots, thanks to an innovative 3D shape of the bottom of the board in combination with a high-quality EVA anti-slip base.

A playful introduction to snowboarding

The movement sequence corresponds to snowboarding... Beginners have fun right from the start and avoid annoying buttocks slipping or tilting. Used in snowboard training and to promote young talent. Valuable exercise promotion on the Schlittenberg.

Ultralight and very robust

The design and material enable an extremely light but extremely durable construction... ideal for effortless carrying and a long service life. The low weight and low risk of injury are particularly advantageous on the toboggan mountain.

Very diverse

Even very young children can ride the board while sitting. It's a great beginner snowboard for slightly older children or teens. And adults also enjoy it as a snowskate with its excellent driving characteristics.

Official partner of Snowboard Bayern (Bavarian Ski Association)

The Noboards are very suitable for local snowboard exercise training on your doorstep, without long journeys or high lift prices. They are therefore used by Snowboard Bayern to promote young talent and are integrated into the Kids Snowboard Tour program.

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“Maximum fun on the toboggan hill”

"Let them start early and playfully"

"A great beginner snowboard"

"Beautiful curves without binding"

"Skate style"

The Superhero

Avenger of the weak

The superhero is out there every day in the name of the weak and fights with all his strength against the lack of flow in this world.

The Green Villain

Good-natured villain

The Green Villain, once a feared villain, has defected to the good guys and fights alongside Superhero for Stoke and Air Time.

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The concept

The heart of the concept is the sophisticated and unique shape of the underside of the board. It enables cornering by simply bending and shifting your weight. The free-form surfaces required for this are optimized down to the smallest detail using special software from the automotive industry. The board is manufactured in a hollow construction which allows for a very low weight (approx. 1.5 kg) while at the same time being highly resilient. The material we use is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which has very good sliding properties, is robust and 100% recyclable.